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What is that

What is indoor marijuana?

Indoor marijuana is our top-of-the-range line! They are our best products, grown in very limited numbers following cutting-edge production techniques. Our indoor is grown indoors using one of the best techniques for growing light cannabis.

How you do it

How is marijuana grown indoors?

Light marijuana is grown indoors for several reasons, but one above all is the possibility of subjecting the plant to very favorable conditions that facilitate its growth and increase its quality. In addition, it gives the grower the ability to: harvest all year round, control the growing environment and avoid pests. By growing indoors, innovative methods can be used, such as hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation, able to make plants receive a greater quantity of nutrients and allow them to develop flowers rich in cannabidiol. The outdoor and indoor cultivation methods are both excellent, but the ability to control environmental factors favors plants grown indoors, as it is possible to control all the agents that determine a satisfactory yield or not.
Generally speaking, it is easier for growers to grow the Indica-dominant strain as they flower faster than the Sativa strain and have more compact and beautiful flowers. Conversely, Sativa produces taller and harder-to-manage plants, so they are more complex to grow.

foto di una coltivazione indoor di cannabis light
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