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2gr Choco Pongo Hash CBD

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Rediscover the good old days with our new Choco Pongo CBD

What a memory… but for those not familiar with it, Choco Pongo is a CBD hash of extraordinary freshness, distilled from the best variety trichomes, rich in terpenes, kief and pollen while the texture is creamy and pleasant.

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Our CBD hash that appeases every sense

Visually, this product is striking in its rich and inviting appearance, with a coloration that suggests the depth and quality of the workmanship. Every detail of this hash is designed to evoke a sense of handcrafted excellence. To the touch, Choco Pongo is an experience in itself, as its soft and malleable texture invites pleasant and satisfying handling. This unique texture is the result of meticulous processing that preserves the natural qualities of the resin, making every touch a pleasure. The fragrance of this smoke is equally exceptional and is distinguished by a variety of scents that gradually develop, offering a complex and enveloping olfactory experience. The earthy coffee aftertaste, enhanced by a hint of lemon, creates a striking contrast that persists, inviting repeated tastings to catch all the nuances. Using non-dried plants results in the delicate, non-aggressive aroma and texture typical of Choco Pongo, with hints of chocolate, dried fruit and citrus. With its ultra-soft and malleable texture, it will take you on a journey into the past.

Origins and tradition of Choco Pongo

Choco Pongo is a product of extraordinary heritage, born of the Afghan tradition of processing hashish by hand. This ancient technique, which uses undried plants to preserve aroma and texture, gives Choco Pongo those distinctive characteristics that make it unique. On the other hand, Afghan Black CBD, also originating in Afghanistan, is distinguished by a different processing approach. The plants are dried before production, a method that intensifies flavors and imparts a thicker texture. Although both products share Afghan roots, their different processing reflects two distinct experiences of hashish consumption, each with its own particular qualities and unique appeal.

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  1. IT

    tommysilver1982 (verified owner)

    Gusto buono e non raschia.

  2. EN

    eantillon (verified owner)

    Great Product! Has great taste, and melts very well. Will definitely be buying again. Fast delivery as well.

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