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3gr 3x Filtre CBD CBG Hash

Rediscover Pleasure with CBD Hash 3x Filtrés: A Unique Experience!

Explore our exceptional CBD Hash, known as 3x Filtrés, a unique product that has won the hearts of legal hemp lovers. Its artisanal production and special filtration technique make it a treasure in our collection.

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THC Level

< 0,2%

The Art of Creating 3x Filtrés CBD Hash:

The key is filtration through the screen
This highly concentrated CBD resin is obtained from a classic Cannabis Sativa L., but the production process is like a recipe created by an expert chef!
The process begins with freezing freshly harvested hemp. The frozen hemp trichomes are then blended three times through specialized screen filters and pressed into compact, creamy wafers.

The Pressing Process:

Once the purity of the finest trichome powders has been collected, it undergoes hot pressing. During the transition from cold to hot, a light layer of resin is deposited on its surface. This is why the edge of the CBD wafer is often darker, while the resin core is lighter.


To eliminate any residual moisture and reach the pinnacle of quality, the wafers undergo a finishing process that lasts three weeks. Only after this meticulous refinement process does the triple filtered hash become available for purchase.
Producing a high-quality CBD Hash requires a significant amount of CBD flower. In fact, 20 kg of hemp flowers are needed to produce just 1 kg of CBD Hash 3x Filtrés.

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