Aliens On Moonshine CBD

Marijuana light from outer space

Aliens On Moonshine CBD is a very rare and potent phenotype of light marijuana rich in cannabidiol. It is a true outsider of the cannabis world: it was born as an inflorescence that balanced the CBD content with the THC content to give the user the ultimate experience. Our strain, free of THC due to harmful effects, however, retains all the CBD supply of the non-legal one.

1,40 al grammo

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CBD Level


THC Level

THC under 0,2% for l’Europe – THC under 0,5% for l’Italy


Acid, Pungent, Sweet

The alien aspect

This Indica-dominant strain emits a funky aroma that is a contrast of sour and sweet. Unlike so many other buds, Aliens on Moonshine CBD’s appearance is really beautiful. The flowers are huge, opening and expanding in space, making the cultivation look like a real jungle.


The high CBD ratio gives Aliens On Moonshine potent medicinal properties while remaining mostly functional. Its effects land firmly in the body and can help with inflammation, irritability, and mild physical discomfort. The uplifting, high-gloss buzz and relaxing physical highs make Aliens On Moonshine an excellent add-on or standalone strain for CBD lovers everywhere.

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The regulatory framework

Our products comply with current regulations, specifically:

  • Regarding the Italian legislation, we are in compliance with Law 242 of 2 December 2016
  • Regarding the European legislation, we are in compliance with the EC Regulation 1122/2009

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