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Classic Lebanon CBD

The Earthy Magic of Classic Lebanon CBD

Classic lebanon CBD is known for its earthy appearance, enriched with honey and cinnamon tones. This fascinating creation has roots in Moroccan tradition and is obtained from cannabis sativa cultivations in the prestigious regions of Baalbek and Bekaa in Lebanon.

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The Sensory Journey Between Tradition and Charm of Classic Lebanon CBD

The world of hash offers an endless variety of experiences, and among the most valuable gems is Classic Lebanon CBD. Rich and satisfying, this hashish is a real treasure for lovers of unique and addictive sensations. With a soft and enveloping taste, its fascinating and hypnotic aroma immediately conquers the hearts of those who try it.

The Authenticity of Simplicity: Unpressed Pollen

Classic Lbanon is designed as non-pressed pollen, as opposed to our Pressed Pollen. This choice allows you to preserve all its organoleptic and terpene properties intact, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its authenticity. Composed mainly of precious trichomes, those very small crystals that sit on the marijuana buds, enclose the resinous part of the plant.

The Elaborate Path of Creation of the Classic Lebanon CBD.

The process of obtaining this hash is the result of an elaborate process, starting with the inflorescences. After drying, the buds are delicately placed on thin silk cloths or fine sieves, from which the pollen is expertly collected and pressed. This process, performed with care and dedication, gives this smoke its distinctive texture and unmistakable flavor profile.

An Excellence of Tradition and Craftsmanship

Classic Lebanon CBD is much more than just hashish, it is a sensory journey steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. Every step of its creation process is followed with care, to ensure unparalleled quality. Its essence lies in the Lebanese lands, where the savoir-faire passed down for generations merges with the passion and love for cannabis.

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