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Cola Cream CBD

Cola Cream: Hashish with a Flavorful Twist – Like Your Favorite Drink, But ‘Elevated’!

Explore the world of Cola Cream, a quality Bubble Hash carefully selected by our team. This concentrate has an intense color, recalling the dark shade of cola, with a soft, elastic and sticky consistency to the touch. The sweet flavor and penetrating cola aroma make this experience a true trip into sunbathing culture.

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A Journey into Taste: Discover Cola Cream in All Its Dark-Cola Shade!

Cola Cream is a compact and elastic resin, created from the fusion of fresh and dried processed trichomes. Its consistency changes with temperature, maintaining a dark brown appearance on the outside and surprisingly light on the inside. You won’t have to worry about getting your fingers dirty, but you will be able to enjoy its distinctive, sweet and spicy aroma, which will transport you to a world of intriguing flavors. Cola Cream is more than a concentrate – it’s a sensory experience that stands out among the vast array of legal hemp products.

A Dive into the Universe of Bubble Hash: What Are Trichomes?

To fully understand Cola Cream, we must explore the fascinating world of Bubble Hash. Trichomes, small glands on the cannabis plant, are the heart of this concentrate. The solventless extraction process involves the use of water, ice and special sieves called “bubble bags”. These trichomes, obtained from fresh and dried processed hemp flowers, combine to create a compact and elastic resin that is the basis of Cola Cream. This method preserves the purity and potency of the cannabinoids, giving you a refreshing and authentic experience that resonates with the true spirit of legal hemp.

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