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Golden Hash

The Unique Sensory Experience of Golden Hash

The Golden Hash, or even Afghan Gold is extracted from hemp grown in the majestic Hindu Kush mountain ranges, renowned for their production of high quality cannabis, this product offers a unique and addictive experience, enriched by distinctive characteristics that make it a unique treasure to discover.

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A Sparkling and Unique Aesthetic

The appearance of the Golden Hash is truly fascinating and emerges as a jewel among the legal cannabis offerings. This hash shines with a reflected light, presenting a surface that recalls the shine of gold, very similar to that of our Moroccan Gold CBD Hashish. The touch would reveal a sticky and malleable product, which underlines its precious and artisanal nature.
Inside, a color palette ranging from chestnut green to dark brown bears witness to the variety of aromas and flavors trapped in this delicacy. This diversity of internal nuances is a testament to the unique characteristics of the flower it was extracted from, promising a mesmerizing multi-sensory experience.

Rooted Origins in the Golden Hash Tradition

Creating Golden Hash requires careful care and dedication. The traditional genetics used for its cultivation are grown in specially chosen Italian regions: Trentino, Friuli and Liguria. These areas have been selected to replicate the conditions of Indian mountain ranges, ensuring that each stage of cultivation retains the authenticity and heritage of its origins.

An Explosion of Aromas and Tastes

The scent that surrounds the Golden Hash is a unique and engaging sensory journey. A spectrum of spicy, lingering aromas is released from the particular resins in this blend, with a distinctive scent with sometimes spicy overtones. Every moment of consumption is a unique experience, in which layers of complex and satisfying flavors open up, creating an irresistible union between the senses.

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