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A cannabis light patchwork

Harlequin is a type of light cannabis renowned for its reliable expression in terms of CBD, a factor that has allowed it to position itself among the most exclusive varieties. Lucidity and relaxation are the main effects of this strain, without sedating or overly intense effects. Harlequin is one of the most effective hemp varieties for the treatment of pain and anxiety, as the relaxing effect amplifies its pain-relieving properties by counteracting paranoia.

1,10 al grammo

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THC Level

THC under 0,2% for l’Europe – THC under 0,5% for l’Italy


Almond, Woods

The look

Harlequin is a medium, if not large, cannabis light inflorescence. The leaves are bright green, with shades ranging from orange to red given by the pistils. It features flavors ranging from earthy musk to almond flavor. These characteristics make it a highly sought after variety by people who love very particular tastes.

A name, a guarantee

The origins of its name derive from the fact that it is a real “collage” of legal weed varieties from Switzerland, Thailand, Colombia and Nepal. This harlequin patchwork effect grants this herb a unique blend of aromas and a broad spectrum of relaxing effects ideal for those who live a life with high levels of stress.

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