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Icerock CBD

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Icerock CBD, the pearl with cannabidiol crystals, cannabis light and CBD oil

The manufacturing process of Icerock CBD is similar to that of Moonrock . The cannabis light bud is coated with CBD oil , and, in the case of Icerock, is generously dusted with pure CBD crystals. Icerock is considered the caviar of this panorama with CBD values that can reach 90%.

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Full-bodied, Pungent, Sweet

Cool Craftsmanship in the IceRock CBD

The production of IceRock CBD follows a path that we might liken to an alpine ascent. It starts with the basics, namely high-quality CBD hemp buds, carefully chosen for their richness of aroma and benefits. These are then soaked in 99 percent pure CBD oil, a process that envelops each flower in a cloak of pure concentration. The final step is a generous sprinkling of CBD crystals, which coats each bud in a gala gown of pure light and potency. This precise and calibrated method ensures that each IceRock is a peak of CBD potency, ready to deliver deep and long-lasting effects.

What are cannabidiol crystals?

Cannabidiol crystals are the purest form CBD can be found in. The white granules, similar to sugar, are the result of a process of isolation, extraction and purification of the cannabidiol contained in cannabis light. These CBD crystals contain only and exclusively cannabidiol; they are free of THC and therefore also psychoactive and harmful to health.

Relaxing effects

As you can imagine given the very high level of CBD contained in the Icerock, the effect of this composition is capable of lying on the sofa and inducing you into a state of transcendental relaxation.

Between Frost and Wellness: Aroma, Taste and Effects of Icerock CBD

The aromatic notes of this light cannabis product are very pungent with a strong and decisive taste, but with sweet and delicate nuances that round the edges.

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