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Lemonchello 28 CBD

A coffee and a Lemonchello 28 CBD!

Lemonchello 28 CBD is an inflorescence that blends elegance and intensity in a perfect combination. This strain stands out not only for its eye-catching color profile but also for a CBD content of up to 21 percent, offering a balanced and relaxing experience.

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Origins and Production of Lemongrass 28 CBD

Lemonchello 28 CBD comes from painstaking cultivation, where each plant is grown under optimal conditions to express the best of its genetic profile. This strain is the result of a careful selection process that aimed to combine distinctive aromatic traits with a high CBD content. Grown in controlled environments, Lemonchello 28 CBD uses the most modern agricultural techniques to ensure superior quality and consistent compliance with Italian light cannabis laws.

A Seductive Visual and Aromatic Profile

Lemonchello 28 CBD catches the eye with its dense, colorful buds, an intriguing mix of green and purple, adorned with orange pistils and a rich layer of resin that promises an experience as fragrant as it is pleasant. On the nose, this strain delivers a bouquet of aromas dominated by lemon and cherry, which meld into a delicious citric aftertaste, making every taste a true pleasure, just like Lemon CBD. Both strains, in fact, share a distinctive feature: the intense citrus scent that makes them unique in the light cannabis scene. However, while Lemonchello 28 CBD mixes its lemon and cherry tones with shades of purple and green in its compact and resinous buds, Lemon CBD comes with a more direct and sour scent, almost like lemon candy, and an appearance that fully reflects its name, with an aura clearly related to the citrus fruit.

Coffee and after-coffee with some Lemonchello 28 CBD!

The experience with this inflorescence is a journey through moments of deep relaxation, ideal for those seeking relief from daily stress without sacrificing a feeling of lightness and well-being. Its high CBD content makes it a perfect companion for downtime, perhaps after a meal, where it can act as a delicious coffee killer, leaving you in a state of sweet euphoria.

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