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Mimosa CBG Small Buds – Hemp light

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Non è un brunch senza la nostra Mimosa CBG di Canapa light

Mimosa CBG Small Buds is a light hemp inflorescence with a high CBG content. This light marijuana is an excellent quality creation, small in size but big in taste characterized by powerful stimulating and energizing effects!

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Lemon, Vanilla

There is always a scent of Spring with Mimosa CBG

Mimosa CBG emerges as an icon in the light cannabis scene, distinguished by its high content of CBG, the precursor to cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This stimulating variety establishes itself as the preferred choice for those seeking therapeutic benefits without the drowsiness common to other varieties.

The flower of this genetics enchants the eye with its white crystals promising an extraordinary sensory experience. It gives an aroma that combines the sweetness of vanilla with the vibrancy of lemon, evoking the feeling of a fresh spring morning. It is an invitation to awaken the senses and immerse oneself in moments of pure pleasure.

The Unparalleled Euphoria and Vitality of Mimosa CBG

This genetic is renowned for its intense stimulating effects that revitalize the mind and reduce muscle tension, making it perfect for use during the day, providing energy to deal with fatigue and stress, improving concentration and creativity.

But what is cannabigerol?

Unlike the better-known CBD, CBG has shown significant potential in early studies for its anti-anxiety properties and ability to relieve muscle tension. Mimosa CBG encapsulates these benefits in each bud, offering a superior experience and benefits that extend far beyond typical cannabis-induced relaxation.

Small buds, small price

Mimosa CBG Small Buds has smaller buds than big buds because it did not pass the sieve test. The quality of the product is the same: the aroma and taste are the same as in its larger version, but the price is lower.

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  1. IT


    veramente ottima; ha un profumo che ricorda il limone e l’uva a parer mio.
    l’effetto è “strano” qualcosa di mai provato prima, se ci si lascia andare rilassa molto e per questo è ottima per la notte ma l’alto contenuto di cbg gli da una bella spinta energetica e per questo è ottima anche da usare durante la giornata; un effetto a metà tra rilassante ed energetico, dipende dalle situazioni.
    il fiore inoltre si presenta moooolto resinoso, veramente pieno di resina bianca.
    la consiglio molto, soprattutto per il prezzo a cui viene venduta 🙂

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