OG Kush, from Hindu Kush with fury

OG Kush CBD is a light cannabis with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma. Some people have described OG Kush as a very physically uplifting strain. The origins of this variety are shrouded in mystery and are the result more of legends than of real events. The only certainty is that this legal hemp comes from the Hindu Kush mountain region of Afghanistan, as its name also indicates. From there to how it became one of the most well-known strains in the world, especially in the USA, is a real mystery. The fact is that OG Kush is a symbol: of hip-hop culture, prohibition and freedom.

2,20 al grammo

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CBD Level


THC Level

THC under 0,2% for l’Europe – THC under 0,5% for l’Italy


Lemon, Pine, Speziato

The look

The inflorescences of this strain of light grass are known for their fresh pine and lemon scent and mature, compact and large acid green flowers.

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