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Purple Haze CBD Indoor

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Purple Haze CBD, Indoor Experience

Purple Haze CBD Indoor is a cannabis light sativa inflorescence with a high cannabidiol content. It is considered a queen of inflorescences, a real pearl of light marijuana, whose version containing THC was born in the 70s in the Bay Area, California. She is loved by the most creative light cannabis users, not least because of the bright colors of her buds.

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Sweet, Tropical fruits

Purple Haze was born in the sunny hills of northern California in the late 1960s, becoming legend through the efforts of brothers Haze and Sam ‘The Skunkman’. This strain is the result of a daring experiment mixing sativas from Mexico, Colombia and, presumably, India with a male from Thailand. Although its origins are debated, Purple Haze has risen to prominence in cannabis culture as much as in music, with Jimi Hendrix immortalizing it in his famous song.

Purple Haze All in My Brain

Purple Haze CBD is a light marijuana plant that takes on a very distinctive purplish color during the vegetative stage, when it is about to flower, due to its Purple Thai genetic inheritance. This feature is what gave this inflorescence its name. Buds are quite large in size and have orange pistils with lots of resin. The aroma is a blend of earthy and berry with a hint of spice, while the predominantly fruity taste envelops the palate in an unforgettable experience that is almost reminiscent of Cheese CBD.

Am I happy or in misery? Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me!

The Sativa predominance of Purple Haze produces a high effect that manifests itself in a lively and uplifting mood. Users describe these effects as uplifting and, in some cases, almost pseudo-psychedelic, ideal for stimulating creativity and sociability. Despite its potency, Purple Haze is known for physical relaxation that complements mental euphoria without being overwhelming.

What is indoor marijuana?

Indoor cannabis is grown indoors and is one of the most widely used techniques for growing light cannabis. Light marijuana is grown indoors for several reasons, but one above all is the possibility of subjecting the plant to very favorable conditions that facilitate its growth and increase its quality. In addition, it gives the grower the ability to: harvest all year round, control the growing environment and avoid pests.

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