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Sour Widow CBD

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Explosive relaxation with Sour Widow CBD

Give your daily routine a twist with Sour Widow CBD, a strain that amazes with its bold aroma and vitalizing effects.

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Diesel, Pungent

A Little Sweetness and a Little Sour

Sour Widow CBD is a strain that stands out for its intriguing genetic heritage. This deep green plant with red pistils lives in limbo between sweet and sour, with a heritage that evokes the hardiness of White Widow and the energy of Sour varieties. Grown to amaze, it has made its way into the light cannabis market because of its unique flavor profile and surprisingly energizing effects.

This inflorescence features compact, tough buds adorned with bright red pistils that stand out against the dark green background. To the touch, its sticky resin promises an intense olfactory experience. Its tart and pungent aroma, with notes of diesel enriched by fruity undertones, makes each taste a continuous discovery. These olfactory contrasts make Sour Widow CBD a true connoisseur’s delight, inviting a tasting that is a true dialogue with nature.

Goodbye to stress with Sour Widow CBD

This genetic is an ideal choice for those seeking a stimulating but not overwhelming effect, perfect for relieving symptoms of stress and pain while maintaining a state of alertness and activity. Its bodily effect is fast and revitalizing, ideal for starting the day with a jump in energy or getting through the afternoon slump, all within legal THC limits, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience every time.

Be surprised by Sour Widow CBD and its ability to combine aromatic depth and purity of effects. If you are looking for a strain that offers more than just a relaxing experience, these genetics are ready to transform your perception of light cannabis.

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  1. IT

    Monica Saracco (verified owner)

    Fantastica qualità, gusto e olfatto ripagati in pieno, effetto veramente energizzante anche a livello di umore. 🔝

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