Sour Widow CBD

Sour Widow, an explosion of aromas

Sour Widow CBD produces fast-acting and energizing body effects. This strain is particularly good for relieving symptoms associated with depression, pain and stress. Sour Widow is produced in full compliance with the quality and legal limits of THC and is therefore qualified as legal hemp with no psychoactive effects.

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CBD Level


THC Level

THC under 0,2% for l’Europe – THC under 0,5% for l’Italy


Diesel, Pungent

The look

Our Sour Widow is a deep green light cannabis with red pistils. The buds are decidedly resinous and the experience to the touch during the opening of the inflorescence is unique for the distinctiveness of the aromas released. It is very difficult to describe the flavor profile of this legal hemp as they are hardly codifiable and surprising. It has a pleasantly sour, pungent aroma, which smells of diesel, but is still very pleasant. This quality makes it one of the most sought after varieties on the market.

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The regulatory framework

Our products comply with current regulations, specifically:

  • Regarding the Italian legislation, we are in compliance with Law 242 of 2 December 2016
  • Regarding the European legislation, we are in compliance with the EC Regulation 1122/2009

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