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Our CBD Super Pollen is intended for true Super Saiyans

Super Pollen CBD is a precious product derived from the processing of light cannabis plants. With a grainy and malleable texture, this pollen offers an authentic aroma reminiscent of hemp. Thanks to the potential benefits of CBD and the different production methods used, this fantastic hash satisfies the needs of consumers looking for a unique and high quality experience.

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Earthy, Floral

From plant to irresistible texture: find out how quality CBD Super Pollen is created

Super Pollen CBD is produced by processing light cannabis plants. This process involves a careful selection of plants and various processing stages to preserve the desired characteristics. During production, the pollen undergoes a pressing which gives the product a grainy and soft texture, easily malleable.

This hash therefore has a grainy, malleable texture. Thanks to the pressing phase, it acquires a shape that allows it to be modeled easily. This feature makes it versatile and suitable for multiple uses.

A familiar aroma for never-before-seen benefits!

The authentic smell of hemp is revealed in all its glory, with floral and earthy notes that combine to create a unique and instantly recognizable sensory experience. The intense and distinctive aroma of this fine hash variety adds a touch of authenticity that does not go unnoticed, inviting you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary aromatic experience.

The CBD present in cannabis light pollen offers a range of therapeutic benefits that contribute to general well-being and promote balance both mentally and physically. Thanks to its calming properties, CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety, creating a sense of inner tranquility and serenity. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are well documented and can help reduce inflammation in the body, offering relief from muscle, joint, and other inflammatory conditions.

Production methods such as sieving and traditional methods

The production of CBD Super Pollen can take place through different methods. One of the most common is sieving, in which it is separated from the plants using sieves or tamiz. Some producers still use traditional methods, such as those typical of Afghanistan. These different approaches can affect the quality and characteristics of CBD Super Pollen.

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  1. IT

    mosce1981 (verified owner)

    Molto buono non credevo così contentissimo prezzo ottima spesa ,grazie canapa legale prima volta che compro da voi contentissimo con questo avete trovato me come nuovo cliente

  2. IT

    vincenzods90 (verified owner)

    Prodotto buonissimo!

  3. IT

    tommysilver1982 (verified owner)


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