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Tangerine Dream CBD

Tangerine Dream CBD: The Citrusy Dream You’ve Been Looking For

Tangerine Dream CBD is a sensory experience enriched by the citrus notes of oranges and tangerines, combined with a touch of pure magic. This unique genetics from the selection of high-quality hemp varieties offers an intense and pleasantly surprising aromatic experience, perfect for those seeking a breath of fresh air in their routine.

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Fizzy, Orange, Sweet

A dream harvest!

Despite its modest stature, Tangerine Dream CBD has a very high yield compared to other genetics. Its sturdy side branches develop rapidly, sporting large, resinous buds in just 60 days of flowering. With a yield that can reach up to 600g/m², this strain is ideal for growers with limited space but eager for abundant yields.

The Aromatic Profile of Tangerine Dream CBD will leave you speechless

Tangerine Dream CBD captivates with an aroma profile that combines the sweetness of ripe citrus with subtle earthy and woody accents, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience. This combination is also present in other strains, such as Remedy CBD, in which, unlike Tangerine Dream CBD, woody scents predominate. This strain turns every session into a memorable moment, promising to tantalize the palate and lift the spirit with its vibrant flowers. With its high CBD content, this genetic brings a perfect balance of deep relaxation and mental vitality. The calming yet stimulating effects make this strain excellent for relieving stress while maintaining high functionality throughout the day. Each flower of this inflorescence is like a trip to exotic destinations, offering a freshness and vibrancy that combine sensory pleasure with tangible wellness benefits. It is an ideal choice for those who desire a light cannabis experience that transcends ordinary boundaries, bringing a taste of tropical paradise right to the home.

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