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10gr Templeball CBD

Templeball CBD: From Nepal with fury

Templeball CBD, is a hash that draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Nepal. This unique form of hash combines traditional hand processing with modern techniques to deliver an authentic and superior experience. The presence of well-selected terpenes enriches each sphere with aromas of alpine herbs and pine, transporting you straight to the peaks of the Himalayas.

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A Journey from Eastern Tradition

Templeball CBD reflects the authenticity of the original Nepalese hashes, famous since the 1960s. In the remote valleys of the Himalayas, artisans rubbed fresh cannabis inflorescences by hand, harvesting the precious trichomes that stuck to their hands. This method made it possible to create hashes of extraordinary purity and potency. Today, maintaining the integrity of these centuries-old practices, Templeball CBD is produced by the ice water extraction method, hand-harvested and hand-rolled to achieve that classic spherical shape and retain the richness of terpenes and cannabidiol potency.

The Uniqueness of Templeball CBD

Templeball CBD is distinguished by its smooth, creamy texture and its luster, as if its surface had been polished. Its spherical shape is not only a tribute to tradition, but also a way to preserve the intensity of its aromas and the freshness of the resin. This hash exudes a complex scent, with hints of wood and undertones of pepper and musk, offering a taste of the pristine wilderness of Nepal, with contrasting flavor, both sweet and spicy. While Templeball CBD entices with a sweet and pungent aroma of alpine herbs and pine, Ovum CBD offers more earthy and musky tones, making the combo perfect for an olfactory adventure.

Peace of the senses as in a temple

Templeball CBD brings with it not only the allure of its origin, but also palpable benefits. The relaxing effects of CBD combine perfectly with the serenity this hash is able to offer, making it ideal for those seeking relief after a long day. Its calming action envelops mind and body, transporting you on a journey of calm and refreshment, much like the peaceful atmosphere of a Nepalese temple.

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