Yumbolt CBD Indoor

The Return to the Origins with a Modern Note of the Yumbolt CBD Indoor

Yumbolt CBD Indoor has its roots in the Himalayan mountains of Afghanistan, but was perfected in the Dutch lands, combining tradition and innovation. With a history that enchants and a quality that convinces, this multi-ethnic genetics is an excellent choice for connoisseurs looking for a unique experience.

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A genetics that has traveled the world

Originating in the remote Himalayan Mountains, Yumbolt CBD traveled to Humboldt County, California in the 1970s, before being perfected by growers at Sagarmatha Seeds in the Netherlands. This extraordinary strain achieved recognition as “Best Indica” at the 2001 Cannabis Cup, consolidating its fame on an international level.

The Yumbolt retains the character of its origins, giving users a taste of history with every puff.

The multi-ethnic colors and shapes of the Yumbolt CBD Indoor

The amber color of its flowers, combined with the presence of red and orange buds, makes Yumbolt CBD a real pleasure for the eyes. These buds not only visually seduce but are also a prelude to the rich flavor and flavor profile this strain has to offer.

Its aroma is surprisingly pleasant, evoking the freshness of rain-soaked earth with notes of sweet lemon and a slightly skunky hazelnut aftertaste. This complex bouquet invites connoisseurs to a tasting that is as much a journey through the palate as it is an aromatic exploration.

The Californian relaxation of Yumbolt CBD

Despite the initial induction of a mild euphoria that fills the mind with pleasant thoughts, Yumbolt CBD is renowned for its deeply sedative effects. After a lively start, the experience evolves into bodily relaxation that culminates in a peaceful and restorative sleep, ideal for ending a stressful day.

Indoor cultivation for more controlled quality

Indoor cultivation techniques allow you not only to maximize the yield and quality of Yumbolt CBD, but also to maintain constant control over the environment, ensuring that each plant expresses the best of its genetic potential. Attention to detail and respect for tradition are reflected in every inflorescence grown.

The regulatory framework

Our products comply with current regulations, specifically:

  • Regarding the Italian legislation, we are in compliance with Law 242 of 2 December 2016
  • Regarding the European legislation, we are in compliance with the EC Regulation 1122/2009

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